Into the Darkness (Darkness Series Book 5) - Katie Reus

During a week of wedding festivities, two couples fight for their chance at happily ever after when an unknown enemy targets the Stavros Pack in this spectacular paranormal romance.


Rhea is a warrior and she’s not looking for a mate, but Conall, Alpha of the Petronilla clan is playing for keeps and after being saved from a Hell realm, Liberty’s worried that she’s too broken for a relationship and Rory’s not sure what it will take to move from friendship to more but he’s willing to wait forever if that’s what it takes. Readers can’t help but get caught up in all the excitement happening during Nyx and Bo’s wedding festivities as everyone parties and fights for happiness. As always the characters in the Darkness world are strong, charismatic and easily capture readers’ attention and in this story you get triple the romance and happiness as Bo and Nyx get married, Conall tries to convince Rhea that she is the mate of an Alpha and Rory patiently helps Liberty overcome the trauma she suffered, another words there is plenty of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages right along with the excitement and sizzling passion in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seat.


Just as the festivities get started, danger comes calling and the pack discovers that an unknown enemy has targeted their territory which adds adrenaline pumping excitement and spine tingling suspense to the story as the pack work to discover the who and the why while trying to keep everyone safe which has the readers glued to the pages as the well written scenes, full of vivid details brings all the excitement to life.


The Stavros Pack keeps things lively that’s for sure, there was a few surprises and lots of danger and passion throughout the story with the two simultaneous stories adding to the spice and complexity.  I was in no way ready for the festivities to end, hopefully it won’t be too long before I can visit the Stavros Pack again.