Sunstone's Fire - Lia Davis

Aspiring author, Nate Wilson decided a week away from his overbearing family and the job he didn’t like would get his creative juices flowing but his plans are derailed by a storm, a ghost and a beautiful owner of a bed and breakfast in this bewitching gothic romance.


Haylee Clark has done well avoiding the curse all the woman in her family have suffered until Nate crashes into her life and awakens something within her and the readers can’t help but become ensnared in the story as the chilling reality of the curse threatens more than Haylee and Nate’s hearts. The romance is sweet with sizzling heat but the curse has quite a chilling effect as it tries to tear them apart which has lots of spine tingling shivers running up and down readers spines as the couple try to defeat the evil behind the curse. The characters are strong, compelling and atmosphere of the story is deliciously spooky ensuring that readers are completely glued to the pages of this well written, fast paced and smooth flowing romance.


The overall plot of the series also adds to the delicious chill of the atmosphere and more intrigue and spice to the story and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.