Her Rantasy Husband - Nina Croft


Josh Slater married a perfect stranger and put his life on hold but now he’s a man on a mission – to chase down his “wife” and get an annulment so he can indulge in a little no-strings sex in this captivating romance.


Alexia Slater needed a marriage of convenience to gain control of her inheritance and though she doesn’t want the marriage to be real that hasn’t stopped her from spending the last five years fantasizing about her gorgeous husband and the reader can’t help but be captivated by the battle of wills that only one of them can win. The chemistry sizzles between Josh and Lexi no matter how hard they try to deny it or ignore it because it would just complicate things since they both want different things out of this pseudo relationship which has some emotional turbulence flowing from the pages as both of these strong compelling characters capture reader’s hearts in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot full of suspense and romance.


Well, a battle of wills between two strong willed people is certainly exciting enough on its own but this story has anticipation spreading throughout as Josh and Lexi actually spend a little time and get to know each other while trying to keep Lexi’s family from whatever manipulation they are up to. The scenes are well written and full of great details that make it easy for the readers to relate to the characters as they get know them and the intriguing romance keeps them glued to the pages.


I was fascinated in the first book by the way the series plot came about and I really have to say that it is certainly turning out to be entertaining as well as engaging as each man sets out to keep his vow and Josh and Lexi’s story is a bit different on several different levels that adds to the characters’ appeal and I was completely captivated by their romance.