Light Skirt: Hollywood Heroes: Book 1 - Susannah Scott

She has a hidden disorder and a secret past, but Mallory Branson has finally landed an Oscar-worthy part, only problem is the new director insists that she has a bodyguard which threatens to expose all of her flaws in this exciting contemporary romance.


He dislikes phony actresses and Mathias Carlyle is convinced that Mallory’s secrets poses a threat to her safety and the reader can’t help but be drawn to this strong compelling couple as the disguises fall away and they find themselves decidedly off-script. The chemistry sizzles right along with the fireworks as this couple work to overcome painful ghosts from the past, set aside their fears and learn to trust the people under their masks which has lots emotional uproar to grip the heart and really brings home the struggle anyone faces when they have a disorder that plagues their daily lives in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot that is full of suspense, turmoil, excitement and romance.


The couple’s rocky relationship provides lots of excitement on its own but there is additional excitement provided by the danger from a stalker, aggravating paparazzi and some quirky friends that add spice and anticipation to the story as well. The well written scenes never have a dull moment and are full of great details that make it easy for the reader to become engrossed in the story as well as relate to the characters.


This contemporary story is set in the glamourous Hollywood world but it’s on the real side of the life which had me captivated from the beginning and I am looking forward to reading more Hollywood Heroes stories.