Superstitious Feelings (Soul Scavenges #3) LJ Winters

Soul Scavengers: Superstitious Feelings - L.J. Winters

After rushing to Olivia’s side, Sullivan finds that they will have to fight to stay alive and the threat doesn’t come from the dead this time as an old enemy plots against them in thrilling romantic suspense.


Olivia is on the other side of the country facing down her greatest personal demon in the flesh without the Ghost Man and the readers can’t help but get caught in the tangled web of emotions, vendettas and unexpected surprises that fill this story from one end to the other. Olivia and Sullivan may have taken a small break from each other in the romance department due to all their personal issues, but that doesn’t mean that Sullivan can’t rush to her side and be there for her when she needs it and of course there is still plenty of chemistry burning hot between them but Olivia has a few surprises in store for her Ghost Man which has lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages. This well written, smooth flowing and steady to fast paced plot is full of romance, excitement, suspense, and characters that grab the reader’s attentions with spine tingling excitement building throughout the story as murderous plots, lost gold and a doomsday cult shake the things up for this ghost hunting team.


I was eager to pick up where the second book left off and I wasn’t disappointed, the author threw quite a few twists into the story, not only plot wise but character wise (no, I’m not giving anything away) that kept me on my toes and unsure of the outcome until the very end. Note: This series is best read in sequence.