Darkest Judgment (The Mythical Knights #3) by Candice Gilmer

Darkest Judgement - Candice Gilmer

Mandated to protect mortals from Mythicals, Sir Liam McCall has never played favorites until Leeza Hunter threatens to override all his logic in this spellbinding paranormal romance.


Some crystalline connection tells Leeza to trust the tall, hunky glassblower and the reader can’t help but be enthralled as trusting Liam opens up a whole other world full of dragons, vampires and all sorts of things that go bump in the night for Leeza. The relationship is forbidden which grabs reader’s attention immediately as they become intrigued by the possibilities and the emotional turmoil caused by Liam’s undeniable compulsion to keep her safe and of course, the smoldering chemistry builds to scorching proportions throughout this compelling romance. Strong, captivating characters and a fast paced and smooth flowing plot holds readers hostage with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.


Not only does this romance keep expectations high, but it causes some friction among friends while the enemies of the Knights are watching which adds lots of spine tingling tension and drama filled moments and along with another dangerous enemy adds some adrenaline pumping excitement as well.  The intriguing events continuously builds anticipation keeping readers locked into this well written world and ensures that they want to know every last detail and this story also has some surprising twists that I sure didn’t see coming and let me tell you they are quite momentous.


This fascinating world is full of surprises and compelling characters that just grab hold of the reader’s imagination and refuse to let go and Liam is one of the characters that did just that since his first appearance so I was quite excited to finally get to read his story and not only was I was not disappointed, I was quite astounded with how it turned out. Congratulations, Candice, I do believe that is one creative twist that I never would have imagined.