Violca's Vow (The Dragon Ruby Series 2.5) by Leilani Love

Violca's Vow (The Dragon Ruby Series 2.5) - Leilani Love

Violca’s world was turned upside down and is now full of danger from various enemies, so while planning her wedding she hatches a plan that she hopes will tilt the odds in their favor in this riveting novella in The Dragon Ruby series.


The strong, captivating characters and fast paced short story hold the readers hostage as Violca not only plans her wedding but with Aithne’s help, plots a way to hopefully add an ally to the dragon’s side in protecting Violca and her sisters. Which has Chase and King Viktor all up in arms so there is quite a bit of emotional turmoil, some humorous moments and lots of excitement throughout the story and of course let’s not forget the sweet and happy feeling from wedding plans being made.


A very delightful and exciting addition to the series that had me glued to the pages in anticipation of Violca’s scheming and now that I know the outcome, I can’t wait to find out what happens next.