Tatiana's War (Defender's Blood #6) by A.K. Michaels

Tatiana's War - A.K. Michaels

After Tatiana felt death and destruction emanating from her realm, Alex, Zach and their friends take off for the Fairy Realm in the hopes of Saving Tatiana’s Queen and her people in this exciting Defender’s Blood tale.


There was never any question regarding the fact that they would help Tatiana and the readers can’t help but get caught up in the excitement and thrills as they prepare to go to the Fairy Realm because no one has any idea what awaits which keeps spine tingling tension building but hey I was also curious to know about Tatiana’s home as it’s been kept secret throughout the series so you know the characters were just as excited by that. The story is quite fast paced and full of thrills as they some unexpected twists keeps everyone on their toes and the adrenaline pumping.


There is never a dull moment in the story and along with the suspense and intrigue, there is another romance as another one Vlad’s enforcers falls victim to a mating and of course, things still burn as hot as ever between Alex and Zach. The story also provides a bit of humor as well as some insight into Tatiana which to me helps bring a little balance in regards to the characters in the series because she was just so mysterious but yet, look at how many other races are in the series and we knew so much about them, another words, it was about time that she got a bit of attention.


Once again, the surprises just keep on coming in the Defender’s Blood series and I was completely ensnared by Tatiana’s War and I can’t to find out what happens next.