Dark Reaper (WesternWind #8) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Dark Reaper - Charlotte Boyett-Compo

While searching for a great evil that leaves nothing but death and destruction behind, Iden Belial finds his mate but the Nikkeson demon tears them apart and leaves some of his wickedness inside the warrior, warping and twisting him to its own ends in this thrilling Reaper tale.


The readers are immediately captivated by Iden’s tale as he tries to tell the Reapers about what happened to him and the story just gets more thrilling as readers are soon caught up in the very wicked evil of not only the demon but some of the people as well. There is lots of spine tingling chills throughout the story as we learn more about the vile demon with lots of excitement building as Iden finds his mate Kallista and has to deal with her disapproving mother all while trying to get everyone to safety. The well written scenes make it easy for the readers to imagine each and every scene which of course ensures that the readers can’t put the story down.


For even more excitement, the Shadow Lord, Kheelan Ben-Alkazar might have finally met his match when he goes up against a young woman who gives him as much sass and trouble as she can while she refuses to give in his to his arrogant demands. So fireworks fly in every direction along with the fiery passion in this fast paced and smooth flowing romance full of suspense, excitement and romance.


These dark and sexy Reapers easily capture hearts as they fight evil but I must say that Iden captured my heart a little more than the others and I found it to be quite amusing to watch Kheelan get taken down a peg or two. Dark Reaper was quite an exhilarating read and I can’t wait to experience the next WindLegend tale.