Dark Instincts (The Phoenix Pack #4) by Suzanne Wright

Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack) - Suzanne Wright

Marcus is an enforcer that oozes power but Roni is lethal is her own right and the sexual awareness crackling between them may be intoxicating but it’s also deeply annoying since Marcus has singled her out to make her sit up and beg in this thrilling paranormal romance.


Marcus can tell that Roni wants him no matter how aloof and unfazed she acts and the readers can’t help but enjoy the tiptoeing kind of courtship that ensues as Marcus takes advantage of having to work together to chip away at her defenses. The chemistry sizzles from every page but the relationship is a cauldron of blustery emotions as they both are a bit reserved in the relationship department due to various personal issues from the past which of course means that the intensity of their connection takes them both by surprise and causes some fun and chuckles to go along with all the passion and turmoil. These strong compelling characters are easily related to and capture the heart while they demand reader’s attentions while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.


Not only does the romance between Marcus and Roni keep anticipation building throughout the story it also causes quite a bit of chaos among pack members which was already full of some snarky dialogue and ribbing but the adrenaline pumping excitement comes from the two packs being targeted by a jackal pack that they soon learn has some evil schemes in motion. The well written scenes are so full of vivid details that readers can easily picture all of the scenes as well as get to know the characters which keeps them glued to the pages.


Another exhilarating visit with the packs kept me completely ensnared in Marcus and Roni’s romance, there were just so right for each other and I just loved how the mating and falling in love part just kind of surprised everyone including them  and I can’t wait to visit the packs again.