Savage Bytes (Hacked Investigations #2) by Sarah Mäkelä

Savage Bytes - Sarah Mäkelä


Hacked Investigations has a new partner and Hannah has reunited with her ex which is a good thing because the hospital needs their help with a case that is frankly baffling everyone including the police in this fascinating cyberpunk romance.


Now, they that have a new case, Ian really needs to learn to be able to divide his focus in order to keep their renewed relationship but that won’t be easy with this case because not only is quite a bit from the norm, it is quite disturbing. Lots of passion still burning hot between Ian and Hannah which keeps the pages sizzling, the case provides quite an adrenaline rush and the loud mouthed and demanding gnome is still doing his part to annoy the heck out of everyone, really I don’t know how that gnome is still walking and talking although, I guess he can be a bit amusing, but I think I would have dropped kicked into some deep dark hole if I had to put up with him.


Anyway, enough about the silly gnome, the story had my complete attention with an original case that was full of some interesting twists and I can’t imagine what the next case may be.