Possessing the Night (Hunting the Dark Lord Book 5) by Ann Jacobs

Possessing the Night (Hunting the Dark Lord, Book 5) - Ann Jacobs

As a powerful and loving Dom, Chad Lalanne is devoted to seeing to his sub’s needs but in order to fulfill those needs now that she’s a vampire, he has to add another vampire sub to their relationship in this riveting paranormal romance.


This story starts off with some red hot intimacy that not only brings in sizzling passion but poignant emotions as Chad thinks about what he must do to provide for Katie and the emotional turmoil continues to flow from the pages while the intimacy grows to scorching proportions including m/m/f scenes. The characters are strong, compelling and easily draw the readers into this well written, fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of turbulence and romance.


This story pack one heck of a heated punch and I was glued to the pages throughout but I feel that it was too short to do Chad, Katie and Philippe’s story justice.