Tangled (Intimate Relations #.5) Kate Douglas

Tangled: A Short Story - Kate Douglas

Getting involved with Tangled’s mixologist is a bad way to start off a new job but Nate doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to the temptation of Cassie in this delightful romantic suspense.


Wow! There is some seriously hot chemistry flowing between Nate and Cassie and despite that it would be a bad idea and some emotional issues the relationship is one heading in for the harvest. These strong, compelling characters draw the readers in while an unknown enemy provides some thrillingly dangerous excitement and suspense which keep readers glued to the pages of this well written, fast paced and smooth flowing plot that jump starts the Intimate Relations series.


The story may be short but it is a delightful punch of romance and intrigue that provided a great break in my day and I am so glad that Awakened, the third book in the series is almost here.