In Graves Below (Magic New Mexico / Kindle Worlds) Carol Van Natta

Magic, New Mexico: In Graves Below (Kindle Worlds) - Carol Van Natta

Idrián Odair is a disabled veteran and the last dreamwalk warrior of his tribe and in order to protect his ancestral lands, he needs to find his partner before time runs out in this exciting paranormal romance.


Riya Sanobal hides her heritage and magical talent for doors in favor of her dance career but dreams of a sexy, Native American warrior is causing quite the distraction and readers can’t help but become enthralled by these strong compelling characters as they try to learn to trust each other before Denver becomes an all-you-can-eat buffet for a ravenous demon horde. There is lots of sizzling chemistry and romance but the relationship is not only under a bit of pressure, both Riya and Idrián have some emotional issues that stem from past relationships to overcome which the readers can certainly relate to and there is never a dull moment to be found as time becomes the enemy and demons target Riya for her abilities which sets a spectacular magical battle in motion. This plot is well written, fast paced and flows smoothly with suspense, excitement and romance that draws readers in and refuses to let go.


This is one fascinating world with some very interesting and unique creatures and elements that adds to the spice and appeal of the story and I found my visit to Magic, New Mexico to be quite an exhilarating experience, so I will definitely have to visit Magic again.