Lies I Live By by Lauren Sabel

Lies I Live By - Lauren Sabel

At seventeen, Callie Sinclair is the government’s youngest psychic spy, but if she doesn’t find a way to change the events she’s seen, she could lose the people she loves the most…and her mind in this exciting YA thriller.


The story is well written with lots of details that capture the imagination and draw the reader in, it starts off by letting readers get to know all the characters which are strong and compelling, but of course most of the focus is on Callie and the story is told from her point of view, it actually makes you feel as if Callie is talking to you directly, which kind of adds to the being part of the story feel. The plot is steady paced for the most part and full of interesting elements and spine tingling suspense, as Callie’s visions slowly reveal a huge plot that could cause lots of deaths including those that she cares about, but also leads her to some secrets regarding her personal life.


The romantic interest in the story is sweet as Callie has a long time boyfriend that doesn’t know her secret and expectation builds when that love is tested by a handsome young psychic that joins the agency, causing some emotional upheaval and excitement regarding both her personal and professional lives. The author also describes Callie and her life with enough detail that readers can easily understand all the emotional turmoil that a young woman in Callie’s situation might feel in both expanses of her life.


  With all of that being said, I should warn you that I almost didn’t continue with the story because it starts off a bit on the slow side but like I said above, the author uses this time to give readers insight into Callie and the nature of her job. The story did kick up the pace with some intriguing twists and turns, Callie’s psychic abilities added flair and excitement and her love triangle added to the story as well, so overall the story was an enjoyable read.