Bound to You (At Your Service #1) by Shawntelle Madison

Bound to You - Shawntelle Madison

Sophie Ashton turned international corporate warfare into an art but when she meets suave CEO Xavier Quinn, she knows this is no ordinary job and she’s determined to keep her professional relationships exactly that – professional in this sensually seductive romance.


Xavier needs Sophie’s charm and finesse to land a coveted contact but he wants to dominate her more than he’s ever wanted anything before and the readers can’t help but be pulled into the seductive game that Xavier plays with Sophie – one that will bind them together or destroy them both. The chemistry is red hot and sizzles with heated passion which leads to some scorching hot intimacy that awakens fantasies but the relationship is one hot mess, considering both are determined to keep their hearts out of it due to some emotional issues that stem from the fact that both Sophie and Xavier refuse to let go of their pasts. These strong characters are compelling and easily draw readers into their story as the steady to fast pace and smooth flowing plot seduces readers with suspense and passion.


The story keeps an air of expectation and seduction throughout which keeps readers glued to the pages of this well written story, as the readers await the outcome of this heated seduction. Along the way there is lots of emotional turmoil, resistance, sparks, friendly interference and family encounters that shakes things up and keeps thing real and adds depth and spice to the story.


I was completely seduced by Xavier and Sophie’s story, the sensual feel to the story was so potent that I couldn’t have put the book down if I had wanted to and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.