Surrendering to the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons #7) by Jessie Donovan

Surrendering to the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 7) - Jessie Donovan, Hot Tree Editing

In her determination to defeat the dragon hunters, Nikki Gray teams up with a human male to kidnap the leader of the hunters but one kiss derails their plans and changes their lives forever in this outstanding paranormal romance.


At his sister’s request, Rafe Hartley agrees to work with the dragon-shifters, but the woman he is assigned to work with is the one he hurt years ago and the readers are pulled into this story as Rafe gives in his to attraction to Nikki and the kiss turns his life upside down.  The passion and chemistry scorch readers from just about every page of this story, but that isn’t too surprising since we are talking about Rafe and Nikki, I mean their push and shove relationship has added quite a bit of snark and spice to the series since Rafe first began working with the dragons so that one kiss leading them on a relationship that is full of flying sparks, humor, passion and abundance of emotional turmoil is quite fitting as well as entertaining. These strong characters are quite charismatic and demand that the readers pay attention to their story while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot thrills readers with suspense, excitement and romance.


Okay, the relationship of course is the main source of excitement in this story that much is obvious but there is lots more going on which keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of expectation and thrills. The hunters are plotting to attack, the humans still have to make their choice on who to put in office over dragon affairs and one of them could be a really bad decision for everyone and the missions keep getting sidetracked by various events.


Another words folks, this story is non-stop action, suspense, and romance with some humor thrown in and there was no way that I could put the story down once I started reading it. Nikki and Rafe make such an outstanding couple that I completely blown away and they would be my favorite, if it wasn’t for the fact that I love them all!