Vengeance of the Demons - Rebekah R. Ganiere

William has sworn his loyalty to The Society, so when demons threaten to destroy all life on earth, he comes up with a plan to save them all, but the plan hinges on a stunning and defiant woman in this thrilling paranormal romance.


Evan is the last human who wants to see the Vampires saved but in order to survive the coming demon invasion, she’ll have to team up with William and the readers can’t help  but become caught up in all the excitement and intrigue as dangerous twists and turns bring the two closer together, uncovering forbidden desires. Lots of tension filled and adrenaline pumping moments to be found throughout this story along with some hair raising events as the intriguing story draws readers in and refuses to let go. The imminent demon invasion has The Society looking in unlikely places for help and Evan discovers that maybe being on the side of some vampires isn’t so bad and with some surprises along the way, this well written story never has a dull moment which keeps readers glued to the pages.


The plot is fast paced and flows smoothly through each and every scene which is full of vivid details that bring it all to life and the characters are strong, compelling and easily command the reader’s attentions. The chemistry between William and Evan sizzles hot enough, but this relationship that is on a tough road, what with Evan’s past and her emotional issues to handle and then, the humans almost destroy things, then the demons are attacking, so the romance side of this story is a battle in its own way, which keeps things real interesting.


This thrilling story had me completely captivated from beginning to end with spectacular escapes, rescues and battle scenes, I know that his is a trilogy and this was definitely a great conclusion, but I’m hoping that there is more to come in this fascinating paranormal dystopian world.