Desire's Sirocco (WindWorld #1) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Desire's Sirocco - Charlotte Boyett-Compo

As the master trainer of the Conclave, it is Lord Dagan Kiel’s duty to provide and train a wife for the Grand Master, so when he spies a beautiful naked young woman on the slave block, he outbids everyone and begins the in-depth, graphic instructions but he didn’t count on falling in love and lust with the lovely Jameela in this fascinating Reaper romance.


After her brothers sold her into slavery, Jameela resigned herself to an existence of backbreaking work or exacting degradation and the readers can’t help but be fascinated by Dagan and Jameela’s passionate story as sheer evil stalks the land and Dagan learns just what depth he will go to keep her at his side. The chemistry is sizzling, the romance is sweet and the love is downright fierce despite the situation and secrets. The emotional turmoil holds readers in its grasp as it flows from the pages and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.


Scorching intimate scenes builds lots heat throughout the story while anticipation and suspense build in relation to this doomed romance as readers wonder just how they will overcome Jameela’s role in the conclave and adrenaline pumping excitement builds when evil stalks the land and forever alters their lives while unexpected twists keeping everyone on their toes. The well written scenes are full of vivid details that easily transports the readers to another world while the intriguing events hold them hostage.


The Windlegends universe is such a complex and fascinating world that kind of has a historical and futuristic mixed feel that really adds to the story, all the interesting elements and compelling characters come together in this world in such a way that readers never have a chance to become board because they are too busy discovering something new.