Talisman (Fur Magic #1) by Colleen Charles

Talisman (Fur Magic Book 1) - Colleen Charles


As an enchanted feline companion, Talisman knows that his witchy owner, Penelope DeLàcroix’s spells are failing because a vengeful witch is siphoning off her powers but communicating with Penelope presents a bit of a problem, so what’s a cat to do but find another way to save the day.


This well written story is full of vivid details and captures the reader’s attention from the very beginning, it’s fast paced, smooth flowing and full of suspense and romance. As for as the characters go, the story is from Talisman’s point of view which is definitely different for me and adds quite a bit of charm especially when you add in the other animals involved. The budding romance between Penelope and Dr. Luke is quite sweet with a few obnoxious and possible evil characters adding lots of expectation and suspense.


While I think the story is delightfully charming and definitely has possibilities, I can’t decide really how I feel about being told a story by Talisman. The author did a great job getting the personality of the cat to come across but that a cat’s personality is kind of distracting so I will have to wait to read the rest of the series to make a final decision on animal narration. Note: This is part one so it does end on quite a cliff hanger.