Claiming His Cowgirl (Crawley Creek #3) by Lori King

Claiming His Cowgirl (Crawley Creek Book 3) - Lori King, Cowboy Candy

Lauren Kensington once found love at Crawley Creek only to have her heart broken and she’s spent nearly two decades creating a successful life for herself far from North Dakota but a family wedding draws her back where feelings she thought were burned out are reignited in this sensational romance.


He’s walked a tough path but Vincent Rhone has overcome his obstacles to become a better man but pushing Lauren out of his life is one regret he’s not sure he can fix and readers can’t help but empathize with these strong, captivating characters as the potent emotional turmoil that flows from the pages and grips the heart as Lauren and Vincent are confronted with the chance to overcome the past. The chemistry is sizzling, which is to be expected since we are talking about the Crawley Creek cowboys, with anticipation and suspense building throughout the story since Lauren isn’t making in any way easy for Vincent to claim his cowgirl and then there’s some added excitement and drama due to the wedding preparations and a major weather issue.


Once again there’s never a dull moment to be found when you visit Crawley Creek and Lauren and Vincent’s story was touching in several different ways so you get the full experience of being part of Crawley Creek.