The Guicai Talisman (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.#1) by A.M. Griffin

The Guicai Talisman (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I. Book 1) - A.M. Griffin

She’s unclassed and only half paranormal, which has Babylonia Jones taking jobs from whoever will hire her which is how she finds herself looking for the Guicai Tailsman and no matter the outcome nothing good can come from messing with it or it’s far too gorgeous guardian in this exciting urban fantasy.


 This well written story brings quite a character to life, Babylonia Jones doesn’t have it easy but she sure is determined and has a strong, commanding personality that draws readers to her with her vibrant energy. The plot is fast paced, flows smoothly and is full of intrigue and interesting elements as well as adrenaline pumping excitement when she tempts one dangerous vampire and unknowingly sets off a deadly adversary with additional spice being added to the story by Babylonia’s love life, since she has a demi-god for a former boyfriend and quite a bit of sizzling chemistry with Zaid (the dangerous vampire).


This is an exciting story that held me captive from the beginning, there was never a dull moment and I can’t wait to read Babylonia’s next story.