My Estranged Lover (Middlemarch Shifters # 5) by Shelley Munro

My Estranged Lover (Middlemarch Shifters Book 5) - Shelley Munro

At the start of their marriage Marsh Rutherford made a mistake, now his marriage is in trouble and he must find a solution because losing her isn’t an option in this transfixing paranormal romance.


A new opportunity presents itself and a fresh start for his family seems to be in reach and the readers can’t help but become mesmerized by this second chance romance that is threatened by secrets. There’s no denying Marsh and Caroline’s love for each other or the chemistry that sizzles between them but secrets and the situation play havoc with their relationship causing some extreme emotional distress which grips readers by the heart and has them empathizing with these strong, bewitching characters and  their situation which is complicated by their children. This fast paced and smooth flowing plot draws readers in and refuses to let go and it’s full of suspense, excitement and romance.


Expectation grabs readers in its thrall from the get go as they wonder just what kind of solution Marsh will find and will he find it in time to salvage his marriage with additional suspense and excitement involving the secret Marsh has and some dangerous excitement spicing things up regarding cattle rustlers. The story holds readers captive with an expectant air and emotional turbulence that the readers can feel flowing from the pages and let me just say that it certainly had me holding my breath and wanting to step in and knock a few heads together and help Marsh out.


Another great story in the Middlemarch Shifters series, this one brings a whole new perspective introduces new characters and new scenery for readers to enjoy and the cute and precocious child in this story added quite a few surprises and a few chuckles to my delight…I can’t wait for my next visit.