Rewind & Go (Sander's Valley #1) by Nancy Corrigan

Rewind & Go - Nancy Corrigan

Kyle Sander had his life mapped out – marry his long-time girlfriend, take over his parents’ farm, have kids and live out his days in Sander’s Valley until the day Ronnie brought it all to a screeching halt by skipping town without a good-bye in this mesmerizing romance.


Ronnie’s back and their connection is stronger than ever but unfortunately Ronnie still has issues and obligations that threaten to tear them apart a second time and the readers can’t help but become intrigued while their heart is captured by this couple and their very rocky relationship. The chemistry sizzles from every page giving the reader the impression that this couple is one that is meant to be but family issues and secrets keep them apart causing lots of emotional turmoil throughout the story and these strong, compelling characters have no problem drawing readers along for the turbulent ride in this steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot filled with suspense, turmoil and romance.


Tension and suspense grip readers in their thrall, almost from the very first page of this gripping romance as Kyle sees Ronnie and realizes she’s back in Sander’s Valley and from there the suspense just continuously builds as this romance keeps coming up against a major wall that surrounds Ronnie and readers just have to wonder if things will ever change. There’s also a bit of mystery and suspense involving secrets that have surrounded Ronnie her entire life, secrets that take could lead down a dangerous path.


I was completely mesmerized by the conflict surrounding Ronnie and her love for Kyle, it was full of suspense and powerful emotional angst that made it impossible for me put the book the down once I started reading it and I am looking forward to visiting Sander’s Valley again.