The Siren (The Soul Summoner #2) Elicia Hyder

The Siren (The Soul Summoner) (Volume 2) - Elicia Hyder


Rachel Smith is the only one of North Carolina’s deadliest serial killer’s victims that hasn’t been found so when a photo reveals that she is alive and well, Sloan, Warren and Detective Nathan McNamara travel south to solve the biggest mystery of all in this exciting paranormal fantasy.


Readers are as captivated by the question of who or what Sloan and Warren really are as the characters themselves are, the intriguing questions keep readers glued to the pages as the excitement and danger builds. Finding Rachel Smith may answer some questions but also puts the trio right smack in the middle of another deadly case with some very intriguing and surprising twists which keeps readers on their toes. The fascinating abilities that Sloan and Warren have continue to add spice especially as something happens and more starts going on with Sloan’s.

The scenes are full of great details that make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene and really get to know the characters and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot is full of suspense, excitement and romance while the characters continue to be strong, compelling and demanding of the reader’s attention. The romance between Sloan and Warren continues to grow and sizzle with lots of sizzling heat but there is still some friction with the chemistry between Sloan and Nathan which also spices things up and adds anticipation to the story. Along with the relationship issues, the situation has lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages which grips readers by the heart and has them empathizing with the characters.


Well I have to say that I was as surprised as Sloan by the things that happened in this exciting story and I sure can’t wait to find out what happens next.