Reborn (Blood Courtesans) by Michelle Fox

Reborn Vampire Romance: Blood Courtesans - Michelle Fox

In desperate need of money, Myra Danson makes the decision to become a blood courtesan and with Kristos Anastos fangs could never hurt so good until her world is turned upside down and she discovers that blood is money and hers may be worth the most of all in this fangtastic paranormal romance.


This story may be short but let me tell you it packs a powerful punch, it is full of emotionally charged turmoil that readers can feel flowing from the strong, compelling characters and the passion will leave you scorched and wanting more. The well written and fast paced plot keeps readers on their toes with lots of suspense, excitement and unexpected twists that keeps the tension and expectation building throughout. Myra grabs reader’s attention right from the beginning and gets curiosity flowing as readers wonder if this young woman will be to accomplish the task she’s set out for herself and from there the excitement builds as things become dangerous with bullets flying and the discovery that Myra’s personal life isn’t at all what she thought it was.


I was completely fascinated by this story and the intriguing world and I have to agree that is FANGLICIOUS!, so, I will definitely be visiting this world again.