Awakened by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #2) by Erin Kellison

Awakened by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire 2 - Erin Kellison


Her secret gift will get her and her grandfather killed, so Samantha Vine needs to stay under the radar but with someone striking at Warrick, her quick trip home, stretches into weeks because only she has the ability to stop it in this splendid paranormal romance.


As a dragon shifter and Bloodkin Triad member, Warrick Voclain is no stranger to power but he’s thrown for a loop when his steward’s granddaughter whose all grown up seems to be using illegal magic and the readers can’t help but become ensnared by the intrigue and the thrills as Warrick discovers that he’ll reshape the world for her with fire and blood. These strong characters demand your attention while they fight their enemies and struggle with their strong desires for each other, with sizzling chemistry and explosive fireworks spicing up this thrilling story as Samantha and Warrick fight their attraction for various personal reasons, the kind that could get someone killed in this fast paced, smooth flowing plot that thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.


Expectation and tension catch readers in their web from the very beginning as Samantha travels home and the readers realize she has a secret that could get her and her grandfather killed and the story continues to draw the readers in as the excitement escalates when someone starts attacking Warrick and by extension sets their sights on Samantha. There is never a dull moment in this well written story what with quite a few unexpected twists, lots of heart pounding excitement and such a thrilling romance to keep readers glued to the pages and the author uses vivid details to make sure you can picture each and every second of it.


What an exhilarating ride, Warrick and Samantha’s story had me locked in from beginning to end and I wasn’t ready for it to end and the battle with Warrick’s enemies was one spectacular show that rocked my world.  This fascinating series as a whole has many interesting elements that add flair to the story and ensures that I want more so I can’t wait to find out what happens next.