New Release Review! Fangs for the Holidays by Ana Lee Kennedy

Fangs for the Holidays - Ana Lee Kennedy



In Fangs for the Holiday, Ana Lee Kennedy brings us this bisexual supernatural Christmas tale in the vein of True Blood.

Seven years ago, Justice Fayhee disappeared without a trace. Now, on Christmas Eve, Tristan stumbles across his old lover lying in a snowy alley. Why is Justice back and what happened to him? The chance meeting launches Tristan headlong into a frightening snowstorm where he’s confronted with the esoteric gift of immortality.

It soon becomes clear to Tristan that he must leave to protect Justice from the gang members pursuing him. He goes in search of his father’s ex-bookie, Rocky, to ask for help and discovers too late that Rocky is the head of Pittsburgh’s Brotherhood of Blood. A trap is set for Justice that also captures Tristan and his ailing mother. When a young woman named Morgan, believed to be one of Rocky’s “ankle biters,” is tossed from his moving limousine, she becomes an inside source on fighting the Brotherhood, but can she be trusted, or is she a mole who wants the reward of eternal life?

Things grow even more difficult when Justice discovers Tristan is bisexual. He begins changing drastically, simultaneously claiming Tristan as his rightful property and pushing him away. Morgan suspects he’s in the grip of blood dust, a highly addictive substance for the undead, but despite Tristan’s attempts to reconcile, Justice grows steadily more dangerous. As the New Year approaches, Tristan realizes he’s falling for Morgan, but how can he protect her from Justice and the entire Brotherhood network? Where can he turn for help when the Brotherhood is everywhere? Salvation springs from unexpected sources, leaving Tristan’s heart, as well as his soul, battered. Perhaps the New Year will bring Tristan and Morgan not only love, but hope for the future.




Fangs for the Holidays starts off fast and keeps readers guessing from the very first page. The characters are strong although Tristan is a bit naïve in a kind of too stupid to live way, but at the same time kind of fits him, so it works out. The romance is kind of in two parts with two romances to read about and the sex scenes are super-hot with some m/m scenes.



I have some pretty mixed feelings about this story, on the one hand I enjoyed the book, but on the other there were some things that just doesn’t sit right with me so at different points in the story I would find myself questioning what the author was thinking. The book starts off with a delicious sounding m/m romance between Justice and Tristan and then the story ends up being an m/f romance. The characters do some complete 180s, which is a bit too confusing. I think maybe this is because the story didn’t provide a lot of details especially about Justice’s mood swings although it did provide an explanation at the end.


Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away. If you love vampire romance, the book is a hot romance that provides a kind of different outlook on vampires and once I started reading it, I definitely wanted to know how things turned out, so like I said above I have mixed feelings about the book.






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