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The following is for the 3rd through the 5th books in R.E. Butler’s Were Zoo series – Win, Justus & Devlin.



First Up -


*** WIN ***


Gorilla shifter, Win Carlson, would love to find his soulmate, the one female on Earth perfect for him. Thanks to the VIP Tour tickets that the Amazing Adventures Safari Park sent out to eligible females in the area, he is seeing a lot of females on the weekends. But none of them are his soulmate, and he’s finding it hard not to get discouraged.


Curvy baker, Alexandra Flynn, has won awards for her banana cream pie, but her dream is to have her own bakery. Nothing would make her happier than having a place to call her own, except maybe finding a man to spend the rest of her life with. After winning first place for dessert at the county fair, her car breaks down and she’s stranded on the side of the road. To her surprise, a big, sexy guy stops and offers to repair her car. Unwilling to let their night be over before it even starts, she invites him back to her home, hoping to spend time with him.


When Win is awoken the next morning to Lexy’s panicked screams, he realizes that she’s seeing him in his shifted form. When he shifts to human and convinces her to give him a chance, he takes her home to the zoo and shares everything with her. Lexy never believed in love at first sight until she laid eyes on the sexy mechanic, and she can’t imagine ever leaving his side, even though it means giving up her plans for the future. Win won’t let Lexy’s dreams die just because she’s his soulmate, and he plans to make sure that their life together is just as sweet as her delicious banana cream pie.


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~ My Review ~


I just couldn’t stay away from the Amazing Adventures Safari Park and this time I had a wonderful time visiting gorilla shifter Win Carlson and guess what, this is so exciting… Win found his soulmate. Their romance is so sweet but so very surprising as well because Win accidentally revealed himself at an inopportune time. So my visit this time had me biting my nails is suspense as I waited for Amanda to overcome her fears and denials and make the best decision of life.


I loved getting to know Win and Amanda even though I didn’t get to stay for very long, but of course that just means that I get to prepare for another visit to the Were Zoo.



Next up –




When Trina Potter arrives at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park to apply for a job at her cousin’s sweets shop, she doesn’t expect to meet the man of her dreams at the front gate, or that his kisses would drive her senseless.


Bear shifter Justus Dorne would love to meet his soulmate. The weekly park VIP tours so far have netted him zero meetings with the one female meant to be his. He doesn’t want to be discouraged, but seeing his friends find their soulmates is making him long for a female of his own. When he volunteers to escort a human to the park’s new sweets shop, he doesn’t expect to fall head over heels for the feisty brunette.


It’s no simple thing to find a soulmate who’s human. Shifters aren’t known to humans, and one careless whisper of their nature out in the human world could spell disaster for the entire shifter race. Justus doesn’t want to keep anything from his soulmate, but he’s not sure how to tell her the truth of what he is without losing her. When she comes face to face with his bear, will she stay or will she run?


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~ My Review ~


Guess what? When I took my lunch break today, I decided it was time for another fantastic visit to the Were Zoo and all the fascinating shifters that live there.  Have I told you how much I love all the strong, compelling and charming characters that make their home there? Well I do, so far every visit has been wonderful and filled with some sweet romance, sizzling chemistry and red hot passion. On this trip, I get to meet Justus who is a bear shifter and I just loved the thrilling experience of being at the part when he met and started romancing Amanda’s cousin, Trina. There was no denying that Justus was the man of her dreams and both Trina and Justus held me hostage throughout the story as they tried to come with secrets and big changes I their lives.


I really hated having to leave, but my lunch break was over which made me a bit sad but then I perked right up because I can return whenever I want!!!


Last, but not least –




Lion shifter Jenni Brisban, is beginning to think that the VIP tours hosted by the Amazing Adventures Safari Park aren’t going to help her find her soulmate. Hardly any human males come on the tour, and she spends her weekends in her shift, feeling like her life is passing before her eyes. When she’s offered a job in the new sweets shop at the park, she decides taking a break from the tour isn’t a bad idea. Standing behind the counter, talking to customers, and sneaking candy made by the resident baker, Lexy, is just what Jenni needs to get her mind off her singleness.


Human Devlin Potter is poised to get a promotion at work that will change his life dramatically. Finally, all his hard work will be worth it. The job he wants is just within reach, and his five-year plan is right on track. But when he sees a beautiful blonde woman at his cousin’s sweets shop, everything he ever thought he wanted disappears in a hot flash. Now, he only wants Jenni.


Nothing is hotter to Devlin than being with Jenni, but he can tell she’s holding something back. When he comes to the zoo to see her, but finds himself at the lion paddock, staring into a lioness’s eyes that are the same pretty gold as Jenni’s, he knows exactly what her secret is, even though it seems impossible. Devlin has a choice to make: give up everything to live with Jenni at the zoo, or walk away forever. She can’t live in his world, but can he live in hers?


Devlin is the 5th book in the Were Zoo series and is available in ebook at:


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~ My Review ~


Boy did I get surprise on my latest visit to the Were Zoo! On my way in I met this sexy human male named Devlin and this visit just got better from there. This strong, charming male met the very strong and delightful lion shifter, Jenni and the sparks started flying and the chemistry started sizzling with just one glance across a crowded room. What more can ask you for on any visit anywhere, than wonderfully sweet romances with touches of suspense and drama that gets the ‘happy feel good’ juices flowing and these two made things even more exciting when they made a bit of trouble for themselves (sorry you’ll have to make a visit on your own, if you want to know more).


You know, one of these I just might get to stay longer when I visit this fascinating place that is really a remarkable, unique and fun place for shifters to live and thrive. So, I’m off to plan my next visit, hope to see you there!




Stormy gave all three delightful stories –



Check it out! I will definitely be visiting the Were Zoo again very soon!


Kelley – Were Zoo #6





Oh and I should let you know where you can find the very imaginative and creative author of this fabulous shifter world.


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