New Release Review! Cocky Queen (Chattanooga Supernaturals # 7) Candace Blevins!

Cocky Queen - Candace Blevins



Sandy works in the Atlanta RTMC’s B&B. She’s a working girl. She’s close to graduating from Georgia Tech and doesn’t owe a penny in student loans. However, she hasn’t had a relationship in years. She has her trusty cocker spaniel, Prince, and a three-point-five GPA. There isn’t time for a man in her life, but she won’t even attempt a relationship while she supports herself with sex work.

Vic is a straight man who happens to be a bitchin’ drag queen. He’s also a peacock, which makes living in the city uncomfortable, but when his alter-ego Vickie gets a standing job as hostess of the stage for one of the premier drag shows in Atlanta, he moves into midtown — though thankfully he finds a condo adjoining Piedmont Park.

Can a drag queen — certain he’ll never find a woman who can handle the fact his wardrobe and makeup is better than hers — convince the workin’ girl to give him a chance? And can Sandy let someone into a kink she only discovered because a client asked for it? She’s never experienced it with someone she cares about, but it happens to be Vic’s kink, too.




The newest book in the Chattanooga Supernaturals series is one HOT read. Vic and Sandy are strong characters with super chemistry and they heat up each and every page with some super sexy and blazing hot love scenes, the story is also further heated up with some other sex scenes as well, so in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the story is definitely erotic. As usual, Candace Blevins really knows how to bring her stories to vivid life with lots of informative and descriptive scenes without making anything seem vulgar or in bad taste so if it’s not the reader’s kink they still enjoy reading the book, also if reader’s don’t really have an understanding of the erotic world, then Candace’s books explain things to the readers while they get to enjoy some really great reads. Vic and Sandy both have secrets to divulge before they can even think about a romance which adds a bit of intrigue to their romance as they work toward their happily ever after.


I really couldn’t put this story down once I started reading it and I love how Candace introduces new and unique elements to her stories and not just in the erotic area of the stories as with this one… Peacock shifters, I never thought of that one and I’ve got tell you I like it. If fact the only downside to this story that I have is that it was over too soon, but I console myself with the fact that I can visit the Kirsten O’Shea universe anytime I like and of course that Candace will soon be releasing another one.




Cocky Queen is the 7th book in the Chattanooga Supernaturals which includes:


  • The Dragon King
  • Riding the Storm
  • Acceptable Risk
  • Careful What You Wish For
  • Hallowed Destiny – Forged by Darkness
  • Uncaged
  • Cocky Queen


And is part of the Kirsten O’Shea Universe which includes:


Only Human

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club

Chattanooga Supernaturals

Dark Underbelly of Chattanooga Supernaturals

A Darkish Fairytale


If you are reading all 5 series, you can find the reading order here.


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