Review! Dasher's Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters #2) R.E. Butler!

Dasher's Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book 2) - R. E. Butler



When Mrs. Claus sneaks away from the North Pole on Christmas Eve, Santa sends out a security team to bring her home before dawn on Christmas Day. The team follows the tracking beacon in Mrs. Claus’s coat to downtown New York City, finding her in the crowded streets of the human city. They hustle her into an alley and use magic to take her home to North Pole City.


Merri Blevins has had a rough night. Not only was her adorable elf costume unavailable at the costume store, forcing her to take a Mrs. Claus costume, but she’s late for a Christmas Eve party in New York City. It’s cold, it’s crowded, it’s late, and a crazy woman dressed just like Merri bumps into her and nearly sends her toppling into the gutter. Could her night get any worse?


When Rhys is called by the security team to return to his bedroom after the Christmas Eve run because of a problem with Mrs. Claus, he realizes immediately that the woman wearing the traditional red dress is not Mrs. Claus but his fated mate. She’s human. She’s pissed. And he has to take her back to her human world before dawn or she’ll be trapped in North Pole City for a year. Can Rhys convince her to give him a chance to prove his worth as a mate, or will Merri demand she be taken home immediately? Only Santa knows what the future will bring.



Mrs. Claus has pulled a fast one in this delightfully sweet romance in the Arctic Shifters series. Rhys and Merri are wonderfully strong characters that warm the heart and brings smiles to the reader’s face. The charming holiday setting and the magical world of the North Pole adds a fascination and appeal to the story while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot holds readers in thrall with the building anticipation as the readers await to discover if Merri and Rhys can makes this ‘fated mate’ business into a relationship, after all only Santa knows what the future will bring. The author spins such a wonderful tale with some imaginative and magical shifters that are unique in several aspects which adds to the attraction of the story although I do wish it was a bit longer because I wasn’t ready to leave the captivating world.



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Dasher's Fated Mate is the 2nd book in the Arctic Mates series.


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which includes -


1 Blitzen's Fated Mate
2 Dasher's Fated Mate
3 Prancer's Fated Mate
4 Vixen's Fated Mate
5 Cupid's Fated Mate
6 Dancer's Fated Mate (November 19, 2018)
7 Donner's Fated Mate (November 26,2018)
8 Comet's Fated Mate (December 3, 2018)



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A midwesterner by birth, R.E. lives on the East Coast now, enjoying the seagulls and the ocean. When she's not writing, you'll find her curled up with her Kindle, playing with her kids, or jonesing for chocolate.


Author of five series, R.E. loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month.



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