New Release Review! Bearing Secrets (High House Ursa #1) Riley Storm!


Today, I am so excitied to bring readers a look into a brand new shifter series. Bearing Secrets is the first book in the High House Ursa series by Riley Storm and I give it 5 stunning lightening bolts! Enjoy and add a new book to you shelves!





The last thing Natalia Kristoff expected was that her friend’s wild dream to find her a fake husband for a Green Card would have any sort of success. Yet here she is, sitting in a private booth, listening to the sexiest man she’s ever seen lay out the details of just what he needs from her. In return, he’s going to sign the papers that stand between her and her dream job. She can’t believe what she’s hearing. Stand at his side, pretend she’s madly in love with him, all to satisfy some crazy family tradition? That’s a deal she can live with.


Kirell Ursa has a problem. A big one. His bear shifter family is in shambles, struck from within by traitors. With no one in charge of security, the head of his House has nominated him for the job. The only problem? Tradition dictates that anyone in power must have a mate. If he’s going to pull off this scheme, he must find a mate in the next 72 hours. Someone. Anyone. All they have to do is pretend to love him for a few days.


Things get off to a rocky start between the two when their first date is interrupted by Kirell’s enemies. As he slowly exposes Natalia to the truth, she’s forced to come to grips with the existence of another world, one she never thought existed. Shifters of all sorts collide as Kirell’s enemies work to expose his fraud, but the harder they try, the more Natalia finds she wants to be by his side. Can a relationship built on a handshake business agreement turn into something real, even in the face of a threat to Natalia’s very life?





This paranormal romance starts with hair raising excitement and continues throughout with thrilling suspense, danger and passion as a human female is search of a marriage for green card relationship discovers so much more. Natalia and Kirell are both in a bind one needs a green card and one needs a mate to secure his position in his Queen’s house. These strong, compelling characters easily grab readers’ attention and hold them hostage as they try to navigate such a relationship with letting feelings become involved. This keeps things quite interesting and entertaining especially when Natalia learns what kind of world Kirill inhabits and what it will mean to her if she tells the secret. Lots of attitude flies around along with lots of sizzling chemistry as they fight the attraction while traversing this relationship.


The plot is fast paced and full of thrilling suspense and adrenaline pumping danger with betrayals, traitors and surprising twists that keeps readers glued to their seats. Not only does Kirell and Natalia have to deal with their shaky relationship and all the emotional pitfalls that goes along with trying to keep anyone from learning the truth, Kirell also has to keep Natalia, the Queen and himself throughout. The author has created a fascinating world for her shifters with some unique elements that make for a refreshing change and readers will definitely want more after reading this exhilarating romance.




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Bearing Secrets is the first book in the High House Ursa series


& Releasing today (January 10, 2019)


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