Release Day Review! Auden (Were Zoo #7) R.E. Butler!



Hello, Readers! Welcome to Monday! Today I am sharing R.E. Butler's new Were Zoo release - Auden! Enjoy & don't forget to Auden to your shelves!







In the tradition of their people, owl shifter Jessica Thompson’s parents have chosen a mate for her. On the way to a celebratory hunt to meet her arranged mate, a group of hunters spies them and she’s separated from her nest among the flurry of bullets. Injured and disoriented, she crash lands in a zoo.


Wolf shifter Auden James has lived at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park his whole life and loves working on the VIP tours they’re hopeful will bring soulmates to the shifters who live in secret underground. When he takes a shift as a security guard, he hears something crash in the lion paddock and rushes to the scene, where he finds an injured owl. As the owl slowly changes into a beautiful female, Auden knows he’s in the presence of his soulmate.


But Jess’s nest isn’t about to let her go without a fight. When a betrayal puts everyone in danger, will Jess and Auden survive?




Readers can take a delight, charming and suspenseful trip to the zoo in this paranormal shifter romance. Jessica and Auden are strong, captivating shifters that easily draw readers to them and then charm their way into readers’ hearts. The romance is sweet and sizzles with lots of electrical chemistry and passion but the relationship is not a walk in the park as species differences and family demands get in their way. The suspense builds throughout this fast paced story as betrayals place everyone in danger. I can never visit the Were Zoo enough as the concept itself is unique and quite fascinating and full of appealing characters that win me over every time, so while this story may be on the short side it is quite an enjoyable and energetic read that keeps readers glued to its pages.





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Auden is the 7th book in the Were Zoo series


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1 Zane
2 Jupiter
3 Win
4 Justus
5 Devlin
6 Kelley
7 Auden






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A midwesterner by birth, R.E. lives on the East Coast now, enjoying the seagulls and the ocean. When she's not writing, you'll find her curled up with her Kindle, playing with her kids, or jonesing for chocolate.


Author of five series, R.E. loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month.





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