New Release Review! Ruthless Outlaw (Fierce Mates: Rock Creek Clan #2) Liza Street!



Hello again, readers! Also, on this fine Monday morning, I as sharing Ruthless Outlaw - the 2nd book in the Firece Mates: Rock Creek Clan series by Liza Street! Enjoy and don't forget to add Ruthless Outlaw to your shelves!






He has the power to enter the dreams of others.

She isn't afraid to act on his darkest desires.


Fox shifter Margot is content running her bakery, For Fox Sake Cupcakes, even if no one gives her a second thought--not her clan, not her parents. But when a sexy voice starts haunting her dreams, she starts craving more from her life, and more of the mysterious stranger.


When grizzly shifter Bryce returns home to help the Rock Creek Clan, his estranged brother's harsh reception is no surprise, but the presence of a gorgeous blond fox shifter is. Unfortunately, she seems pretty close to his brother, which makes her off-limits. When the clan needs to contact a mysterious witch living in South America, Bryce jumps at the chance to help out and escape Margot’s sexy smiles.


So, of course, the person accompanying him to South America is Margot...and she's posing as his wife.




A sexy voice is haunting her dreams and she is craving more from her life and readers can’t help but crave more after reading this delightfully hot and charming romance. Margot and Bryce are strong characters that charm readers as well as each other and they have some sizzling chemistry heating up the pages but this relationship has a couple of major obstacles in its path toward that happily ever after that Margot is beginning to crave. Lots of emotional turmoil stem from those obstacles which adds depth to the story and while the story is a little too short to really do it justice the plot is fast paced and full of thrilling suspense and adrenaline pumping excitement when Margo and Bryce travel to South America to locate a mysterious witch. Readers are spellbound as they follow Margot and Bryce’s spicy and thrilling romance with a surprising twist during the conclusion.






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Ruthless Outlaw is the 2nd book in the Rock Creek Clan series which is part of the Fierce Mates universe!





.5 The Rose King
1 Ruthless Misfit
2 Ruthless Outlaw


#3 Ruthless Fighter





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Liza got her start in romance by sneak-reading her grandma’s paperbacks. Now she divides her time between freelance editing and writing books about shifters with fierce and savage hearts.


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