New Release Review! King's Ransom (Kings of Sydney #3) Jackie Ashenden!



TGIF, Readers! Today I am going back to visit the Kings of Sydney! Enjoy and don't forget to add King's Ransom by Jackie Ashenden to your shelves!






“I’m here to kidnap you…”


It’s the sexy invite she’s been looking for!


Billionaire Ajax King will do anything to destroy Sydney’s criminal underworld—even kidnap his enemy’s delectable and oh-so-virginal daughter. Only Imogen White isn’t quite what Ajax expected. She’s determined to earn a deliciously carnal education from Sydney’s sexiest bad boy. And for Ajax, the ends always justify the means… Until this sweet little spitfire steals away with this brooding King’s heart!




Out to destroy Sydney’s criminal underworld, Ajax King will do anything including his enemy’s daughter. Imogene White has been for just that kind of sexy invite and she’s determined to earn a deliciously carnal education from the sexy bad boy.


Readers couldn’t help but be curious about the sexy billionaire Ajax King as his brothers found their happily ever afters and now their curiosity can finally be satisfied but they are in no way prepared for just how sinfully delicious and scorching hot his story is. This hero and heroine is strong, bold and easily captivate readers from the very beginning and the whole tainted bad boy and virginal woman ensures that readers get to inexperience a sweet and powerful romance that is full of sizzling chemistry that shatters Ajax’s plan to smithereens. Warning – the intimate scenes in this story is hot, intense and downright delicious when the heroine of this story sets her mind up to get what she wants.


The plot is steady to fast paced and full of thrilling suspense as Ajax’s plan falls apart and he begins to fall for his sexy captive with some surprising twists and monumental decisions to be made this story keeps the pages turning as readers hold their breath with anticipation of just how this King will proceed to destroy his enemy and keep his growing relationship with Imogene intact. While the conclusion is a bit anti-climactic it is also an interesting twists and quite inspiring of the heroine so readers can’t help but be pleased as well as pleasured by this entertaining romance.




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King's Ransom is the 3rd book in the Kings of Sydney series


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1 King's Price
2 King's Rule





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Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old. Mild mannered fantasy/SF/pseudo-literary writer by day, obsessive romance writer by night, she used to balance her writing with the more serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart – writing romance. She particularly likes to write dark, emotional stories with alpha heroes who've just got the world to their liking only to have it blown wide apart by their kick-ass heroines.


She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband, the inimitable Dr Jax, two kids, two cats and some guppies (possibly dead guppies by the time you read this). When she's not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband.


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