Dark Hunger (Warrior of Darkness #2) - A.K. Michaels, Ava K. Michaels


The flames are burning hotter than ever and Lazarus doesn’t know if Ariana or he will survive the flames she’s ignored when she stormed into his life. Now a treacherous enemy has surfaced and the attacks are coming fast and furious and Lazarus has to protect her from those hunting her but also from her own demons and from the hunger growing inside Lazarus.


This serial romance is an intensely suspenseful and thrilling story that just keeps the suspense building to epic proportions. Unfortunately since is a serial the cliffhanger means that readers are left biting their nails until the release of the next one. But this romance is well worth the wait as Lazarus and Ariana are such strong, dark and bold characters that readers really want to know how things will work out in their personal lives as the work through personal issues and some serious chemistry that singes the pages. This installment has some red hot passion along with the all the emotional turmoil that the couple faces and really draws readers further into the characters’ relationship.


The plot is fast paced and keeps readers hanging on to the edge of theirs seat as Lazarus uncovers more about the enemy and just what that enemy is up to which is quite evil. There is certainly no way that readers can become bored or possible put this story down once they begin reading it and they will certainly be biting their nails in anticipation of what happens next.