A Slow Burn (Dragon Royalty #1) - Terri A. Wilson


A modern dragon straddling the worlds of tradition and the past, Remington Montgomery’s drive for advancement made him one of Atlanta’s finest detectives and one the most sought-after bachelors. Her family pushes her to win in every area of life and raised her to sit on the throne as the reigning Dragon Queen, but no one ever bothered to ask Dai Ito what she wants. They have a love – hate relationship but during a Beltane proclamation Fate chooses them to reign as king and queen. Can they put aside their differences in order to work together to find Dai’s sister when she goes missing?


This romance is a slow burning one where the strong, captivating hero and heroine are thrown together in a situation neither of them wanted. The chemistry sizzles and their relationship is full of passion as the couple put aside their differences for the destiny that Fate has thrown at them but also to find Dai’s sister who has been captured by the very villain that Remington is investigating.

The plot is fast paced and covers a wide range of happenings throughout the story keeps the readers glued to the pages. Although the story is a little short and doesn’t provide a lot of the finer details, the story has an interesting approach to dragons which spices things up and the Artemis Hunters are intriguing and adds thrilling suspense to the story as they seem to be just getting started with some devious plan.