Danger Next Door - Katie Reus


Grant Caldwell is trying to hide from is well-meaning family while he heals until he finds himself drawn to his beautiful new neighbor with problems of her own. He can’t stay away even though he knows he’d never have a chance with a woman like her – not with his disfigurement. Belle grew sheltered and smothered and now that she’s finally out on her own she plans to wring everything she can out of her life. She sets her sights on Grant and nothing can stop her from getting him into her bed – until a madman fixates on her and Grant sees it as his duty to protect her at all costs.


This romantic suspense is an emotionally gripping and highly suspenseful read that holds readers in its grip until the very end. Grant and Belle are two strong characters that both have pasts that they have to overcome, pasts that have reacting in different ways and readers can practically feel all of the emotions that flow from the pages of this engaging romance. The romance is sweet and quite delightful as Belle teaches Grant that she’s very willing to be his.


The plot is faced paced and full thrilling excitement and suspense as a violent criminal stalks Belle with no intentions of stopping until he has destroyed her. An OMG twist has readers jaws dropping as the climax reels the readers in and has them holding their breath in suspense and the conclusion to the romance between Belle and Grant is a sigh worthy event for romance readers.