Shattered Reality (Branches of Emrys #5) - Brandy L. Rivers


Skylar assumed her boyfriend had lost his mind when he comes to her with some crazy and hateful theories about her friends being monsters, so she walked away. When two werewolves shifted in a downtown coffee shop, Jay couldn’t stand by and let them attack the humans inside. Now a werewolf herself, Skylar has to accept her new reality because it turns out that her ex-boyfriend was wrong, her friends weren’t exactly human, but a so-called monster saved her life. But the more Skylar learns, the more danger she’s in.


This paranormal romance is another supremely fascinating and endlessly thrilling Branches of Emrys novel. Skylar and Jay are strong, bold characters that demand readers’ attention and while their romance is sweet, it is full of vibrant, scorching passion. Skylar has her whole world turned upside down and finds out about true mates all at once, so the relationship is a bit complicated, energetic and emotional and readers have to know everything that is happening to them.


The plot is fast paced and one thrilling, suspenseful event after another so have to keep their eyes glued to the pages. The enemy has quite a few tricks up his sleeve and lots of unexpected twists keeps readers on the edge as well as surprising the characters. Readers never know what to expect when they open one this author’s books but one thing they know for certain is that it will be a page turning, passionate experience that is well worth reading and this one is no exception.