Burned (Dragon Mates #3) - J.K. Harper


Burned in a terrible accident years ago, fire dragon Ash Connolly hides from the world, but he’s tempted to bare his soul when he meets the sword-wielding Teagan Lambert. When Teagan is with repairing a priceless manuscript, she is dumbfounded by its sexy owner and even though she longs to reveal the passion in her soul to Ash, she knows that an extraordinary man like him would never notice a clumsy, inexperienced bookworm like her. But when a deadly enemy plots a final ending to Ash, Teagan is drawn into a dangerous hidden world with the stunning dragon shifter who tempts her heart.


This dragon shifter romance is sweet, exciting and full of passion. The heroine is goes through a wonderful transformation from insecure to a bubbly and strong and the hero overcomes the emotional trauma of his past which really adds depth to this sweet but emotional romance. Ash and Teagan have some electrical chemistry and their relationship is full of passion, surprises and excitement.


The fast paced plot keeps readers glued to the pages with lots of suspense as Ash tries to reclaim his horde and his strength and of course as Teagan discovers this hidden and dangerous world of dragon shifters. The story is further enhanced with deadly excitement as a stunning twists puts Teagan in danger and an unknown their foe plots the final ending of Ash and Teagan’s romance. Readers certainly won’t find a dull moment in which to take a break during this exhilarating romance.