My Mate's Destiny (Sanctuary For My Mate #4) - Terri A. Wilson


Sybil Harris dreams of a world filled with equality and peace and the last thing she wants is to be the next alpha as her destiny dictates. On a weekend trip, she meets her soulmate and now she has to fight her promised mate, her pack and even her family to forge her own path.


This paranormal romance takes readers back in time to 1969 where people were holding peace rallies to end the war and women were still fighting for equality. The story also gives readers Hank’s romance which is very enlightening and while it is delightful to experience Hank’s happiness it is also kind of sad. It is sweet and full of passion and sizzling chemistry and the author blended two different historical time periods in a creative way that adds a kind of dreamlike and suspenseful ambiance to the story that can enjoy.