Lost in You (Petal, Georgia #2) - Lauren Dane


Ten years ago Joe Harris left Petal, Georgia for the military and now he’s a better man that he was when he left. All he wants is to get his garage up and running, take care of his dad and spend time with his dog. But even though he has no plans for a relationship, Joe finds himself being tempted by his best friend’s little sister.


This emotionally gripping story grabs readers by the heart and refuses to let go. The romance is full of electrical chemistry and wonderful passionate moments full of depth so that readers really get to know these strong, convincing characters and the emotional turmoil that takes place through this story gets ensures that readers really get the nitty gritty details of everything that Joe is going through with his father and his feelings about entering into a relationship.


The small town and the closeness of the families as they come together are really inspiring and make this romance a heartwarming story that readers can really sink their teeth into. This author has a knack for filling her stories with all the emotions of life so that her stories are realistic and comes to life. This romance also has a bonus story at the end that gives readers a fun and happy experience as the couples of Petal, Georgia experience a celebratory night out.