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Hello Readers! Today, I am visiting the Dragons during their annual Mating ritual! Enjoy and don't forget to add The Dragon's Treasured Mate by R.E. Butler to your shelves!





When dragon shifter, Torrence, develops a life-threatening allergy to his people’s mating fruit, no female within a thousand miles will mate him. Heading to his father’s homestead in the Tomb Mountains, he finds himself at odds with the local wolf pack, and facing a lonely future.


Cecily Houseman has never been happier. She’s finally able to open her own shop, Cecily’s Donuts. Although she grew up in Tomb, as a human among wolves, she’s always felt on the outside of things. The alpha’s son is interested in being her mate, but he’s not the right one for her. She’s waiting for that spark to knock her off her feet.


Torrence wakes one morning with a single thought: go to town. The nearer he gets, the stronger his beast rails in his head. As he comes to a donut shop, his beast forces a shift so fast and hard that he rips the door off the shop and takes out the town gazebo with his tail. The alpha wolf wants him gone because he’s dangerous, but Cecily takes one look into his golden eyes and knows that he’s the one for her.



After developing a life-threatening allergy to his people’s mating fruit, Torrence heads to his father homestead in the Tomb Mountains and finds himself at odds with the local pack and facing a lonely future. As a human among wolves, Cecily’s always felt on the outside of things, but now she has finally opened up her own donut shop and couldn’t be happier except with her love life as she is waiting for that spark that knocks her off her feet.


This ‘Uncontrollable Shift’ is one sugary sweet romance that knocks readers’ socks off. With one look chemistry explodes and foundations rock and readers can’t help but sigh as they feel Fate take hold. This romantic read inspires hope when life is throwing curve balls and has a wonderfully intriguing twist on dragon shifters which spices things up. The story may be short but the plot is fast paced with non-stop exciting events that ensures readers can’t stop turning the pages of his delightful and charming read.




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The Dragon's Treasured Mate is the 2nd book in the Uncontrollable Shift series

This is a series of stand-alone stories in which, upon meeting, one or both main characters immediately shift.


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1 The Alpha's Christmas Mate
2 The Dragon's Treasured Mate
3 The Bear's Reluctant Mate 



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A midwesterner by birth, R.E. lives on the East Coast now, enjoying the seagulls and the ocean. When she's not writing, you'll find her curled up with her Kindle, playing with her kids, or jonesing for chocolate.


Author of five series, R.E. loves to explore the supernatural and dream about what might be if people really did get furry once a month.



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