Treason in Norfolk (X-OPS: The Unclassified Files #1) - Paige Tyler


While fighting mafia types in an alley right before her sister’s wedding, Agent Eden Bristow is taken by surprise when it turns out one the thugs is a shifter like her but what’s even more surprising is the hot solider that jumped into the bullet firestorm and doesn’t freak out when he sees her shift. In town for his sister’s graduation, the last thing Travis Dempsey expected was to stumble upon a beautiful DCO agent who could still look good while in the process of kicking some bad guys’ butts. Everything about the gutsy, independent woman is drawing Travis in…including the claws and bright green eyes.


This novella in the X-OPS world is fast paced with non-stop action and lots of sweet romance and heated passion. The story gets the adrenaline pumping and hearts pounding right off the bat and just keeps on going as Eden and Travis try to uncover who the bad guys are. The action is interspersed with some hot and heavy intimacy in a balanced way that keeps readers glued to the pages and ready for more. Even though it is a bit on the short side, this energetic read is packed full of everything that an entertaining read needs and then some.