The Demon You Trust (Magical Elite #1) - Stephanie Rowe, S.A. Bayne


Ellie Locke & a deliciously sexy half-demon have one thing in common… they both have one thing to live. When death comes for them, they accept a deal in order to cheat death. Smoke, shadows, a hostile demon day from the beyond and highly paid assassins sent by loving parents makes things for a little complicated for the new partners.


This new series starts off with a fast paced and energetic read that introduces a promising new world. The characters are strong, vivid and easily grab readers’ attention although the relationship between the hero and heroine is just getting started so there’s not a lot of romance but the chemistry between them sizzles with lots of heat. The story starts off with an adrenaline pumping event and just keeps going with non-stop action and fun that causes quite a bit of hanging on the edge of your seat thrills and quite a bit of laughter. Although on the short side, the story is quirky and fun but mixed with lots of danger and suspense, coming together to form an enjoyable, entertaining and refreshingly different read with some unique story elements.