Rescuing Rory (Marks Mercenaries #1) - N.J. Walters


After her father’s death, Rory banks was betrayed and sold into slavery on a deep-space pleasure ship, so when a stranger breaks open her cage and offers her way out, she grabs it and runs. Kal Marks and his brothers are searching for their sister and their hunt has lead them to the pleasure ship and Rory, but Kal never counted on wanting Rory or on the sexual tension and scorching heat that blazes between them.


A riveting read that scorches the readers with steamy passion and sizzling chemistry. The characters are strong, bold and easily capture the readers’ attentions while the fast paced plot keeps the glued to the pages. The romance is hot, steamy and downright delicious but with a sweet overtone that makes readers sigh. The story has lots of suspense and but mostly focuses on the relationship and Rory’s situation but gives readers the overall plot of Kal and his brothers’ search for their sister to look forward to in the future. So while this story is on the short side, be prepared for one blazing hot & entertaining romance that has readers wanting more.