Black Moon Dragon (Dragon Investigators #3) - Shelley Munro


Jessalyn Brown’s life has taken a turn to Crazy Town when she suddenly finds herself vomiting flames. Billionaire inventor and dragon shifter, Manu Taniwha has offered to help, but she can’t help but wonder what his angle is. With a mountain of debt, a daypack of possessions and huge fiery problems, Jessalyn reluctantly accepts but she’ll do it her way or she’ll take the highway.


The newest book in the Dragon Investigators series is a stunning read that is positively engaging so readers can’t put the story down, no matter what else is going on. The characters are bold, take charge and grab readers’ attention right from the start and readers can’t decide which hotter – the flames being spontaneously spewed by Jessalyn or the flames and heat that burn between Jessalyn and Manu. The relationship between these two only gets hotter as the story progresses because this is one relationship that Manu really has to work for because not only does he have to introduce Jessalyn to her new world, he has to earn her trust.


This fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with surprising twists, thrilling suspense, and adrenaline pumping excitement. The more that Jessalyn learns, the more exciting things get with betrayals, secrets, and dragon politics turning the Taniwha dragons’ scales upside down. Lots of challenges to be overcome and decisions to be made adds action, adventure and depth to this page turning and stunningly entertaining read.