Simon - V.A. Dold


Simon Le Beau joined the Marines in the hopes of meeting his mate, but four years later he returns home stuck in his wolf form. Rose O’Leary is a beautiful, voluptuous woman that was raised in foster homes, fears abandonment and avoids men. As if they didn’t have enough against them, a secret group organization is out destroy to the Le Beau family and what better way to cripple the royal family than to steal their females?


The second Le Beau brothers’ story is emotionally gripping and holds readers in its thrall from the very beginning. The romance between Simon and Rose is an emotional roller coaster that captures readers’ hearts as the hero and heroine overcome their issues to reach for their happily ever after.


The plot is fast paced and full of thrilling suspense and excitement as Rose finds herself being targeted by an unknown group of rogues, of course the situation is further complicated that Rose is has no idea just who or what her enemies are. Surprising twists keeps readers on their toes while they bite their nails in anticipation of what’s to come. While the Simon and Rose story does have a conclusion their enemy remains elusive ensuring that readers are going to keep coming back for more of the charming ‘Le Beau Brothers’.