Bloodline Destinies (Bloodline #2) - Iuliana Foos


In the future, humans share the Earth with elusive vampires and GeMs – a new species of blood-drinkers who appeared after the flood. Theodor DeCroix is the vampire Prince of the Old Coven who finds himself torn between proving himself worthy of his bloodline and centuries-old beliefs about true love when he saves a Vivienne from the brink of death. After being rescued, Vivienne struggles to accept her new life and her attraction for the man who rescued her, especially since she fears his kind. Both must confront their own demons in order to save each other during a whirlwind of dreams and evil plots.


The second book in the Bloodlines Trilogy is an engaging romance that holds readers captive throughout this romance that has two very reluctant parties which keeps the relationship in question until the very end. The characters are bold, convincing and easily grab readers’ attentions from the very beginning and the emotional turmoil that flows from the pages grip the readers by their hearts ensuring that they want to know everything that happens.


The plot progresses at a steady rate that keeps the exciting and suspenseful events building the anticipation throughout the story which keeps readers on the glued to the pages with a white knuckled, wide eyed control. In keeping with the first book in this series, the author has spun another fascinating story that is full of major emotional turmoil and intense decision making that results in life altering changes while adding lots of heart pounding suspense. Unlike the previous story, this one jumps to the future and the author does a great job of describing the setting which makes it easy for readers to imagine it and become completely caught up in this fascinating and exciting vampire world.