New Release Review! Touched By Flames (Hidden Realms of Silver Lake #7) Vella Day!




Hello Again, Readers! Today I am visiting the Hidden Realms of Silver Lake to discover how Danita Warren and her dragon mate are doing! Enjoy and don't forget to add Touched by Flames by Vella Day to your shelves!





Infected with dark magic, this white lighter has to fight for her life.

After being held captive for five months, Danita Warren still has evil blooming inside her—and that scares her more than being in prison. Once she is rescued, Griffin Caspian, the most amazingly kind, protective, and super hot dragon shifter decides he wants to protect her. How lucky could she get? The man is hot. The problem? She doesn’t want to drag him down the same dark path.


From the moment Griffin meets Danita, he pledges to devote his life to helping her. Sure, she’s his mate, but until she’s ready to commit, they can’t be together.

Confused as to how to win her heart, he decides that if can find her missing cousin, she just might want to be with him. And if he can’t? He could be doomed forever.



She was held captive for five months and infected with dark magic, Danita Warren was rescued by a super-hot, amazingly kind, protective dragon shifter but she doesn’t want to drag him down the same dark path. Griffin knew the moment he met Danita that she was his mate and pledges to devote his life to helping her, but he is confused as to how to help her.


Strong, compelling characters demand that readers read their story as Griffin tries to help Danita recover from her ordeal. The romance between the hero and heroine is sweet, passionate and full of emotional turmoil that grips readers by the heart and refuses to let go. Danita has to fight to overcome the evil that has infected her while trying to find her missing cousin and with Griffin’s help uncovers other missing shifters which has keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense throughout the story. The plot is fast paced with lots of excitement, thrills and romance to be found with every turn of the page and readers can’t help but become completely absorbed in this emotional, suspenseful, and heartwarming read.


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Touched By Flames is the 7th book in the Hidden Realms of Silver Lake series


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1 Awakened by Flames
2 Seduced by Flames
3 Kissed by Flames
4 Destiny In Flames
5 Passionate Flames
6 Ignited by Flames
7 Touched by Flames



Hidden Realms of Silver Lake: Four Sisters of Fate



Were and Witches of Silver Lake:




Four Sisters of Fate #5 Jace (July 16, 2019)




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